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This week's schedule

ECE 473 Schedule (Fall 2018)

L W D Date Lecture and Assignment
Part I: Oscillations and Wave Equation
1 35 M 8/27 Introduction pdf
Lecture: Ch-1a: Fundamentals of Vibration: Harmonic oscillator pdf

Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 1
Homework: HW1; Matlab tutorial pdf

2 W 8/29 Lecture: Ch-1b: Damped Harmonic Oscillator
3 F 8/31 Lecture: Ch-1c: Inverse Laplace transform solution to the harmonic oscillator
HW1 due (2 weeks)
Homework: HW2
- 36 M 9/3 Labor Day Holiday -- No class
4 W 9/5 Lecture: Ch-2a: The Vibrating String d'Alembert's solution to the wave equation pdf, wave equation solutions
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 2
5 F 9/7 Lecture: Ch-2b: Properties of the wave equation: speed of sound, wave number, input impedance, etc.
Example problems: Standing waves, boundary conditions pptx
6 37 M 9/10 Lecture: Ch-2c: General considerations: Various coordinate systems pdf
7 W 9/12 Lecture: Ch-2d: Derivation of the Webster Horn equation: From the beginning
8 F 9/14 Lecture: Ch-5.1.1: The Acoustic Wave Equation and Simple Solutions: acoustic parameters, the equation of state. Example problem: Condensation in water and air.
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 5 pdf
HW2 due
Homework: HW3
9 38 M 9/17 Lecture: Ch-5.1.2: The equation of continuity, the Euler's equation, linearized wave equation.
10 W 9/19 Lecture: Ch-5.1.3: The velocity potential, speed of sound (SOS).
Example problems: Sound pressure level (SPL), SOS in gases for isothermal and adiabatic processes.
11 F 9/21 Lecture: Ch-5.2.1: The Harmonic Plane Waves: the Helmholtz equation pdf
Boundary conditions: Number of half or quarter wavelengths
HW3 due
Homework: HW4
12 39 M 9/24 Lecture: Ch-5.2.2: The 3D wave equation, the wave number. Energy Density: Kinetic and Potential Acoustic Energy.
13 W 9/26 Lecture: Ch-5.2.3: The acoustic intensity: Instantaneous and average intensity, ISPTA, etc.
Example problem: estimating acoustic parameters in water.
14 F 9/28 Lecture: Ch-5.3.1: The acoustic impedance: characteristic and specific. Spherical waves: specific acoustic impedance pdf
HW4 due
Homework: HW5
15 40 M 10/1 Lecture: Ch-5.3.2: Sound pressure level (SPL), Intensity level (IL), Acoustic Power: decibel scale, references in water and air.
Example problems: Familiarizing with decibel scales for SPL and IL. Acoustic parameters in water and air for plane waves.

16 W 10/3 No office hours; Lecture: Discuss Exam;Exam I: 7-9:30 PM; 3013 ECEB]]
- F 10/5 Lecture: cancelled due to exam;
Part II: Nonlinear Acoustics and Acoustic Propagation
17 41 M 10/8 Lecture:Ch-6.1.1: Reflection and Transmission: Normal incidence, boundary conditions (BCs) pdf
Example problem: Energy conservation.
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 6
18 W 10/10 Lecture: Ch-6.1.2: Standing wave ratio (SWR).
Example problems: Rigid and pressure release boundaries, reflection at interfaces within human body.
19 F 10/12 Lecture: Ch-5.4: Nonlinear Acoustics: parameter of nonlinearity (B/A), nonlinear wave equation, N-wave formation,

shock wave formation, shock distance, Goldberg number. Example problem: estimating shock distance in water.
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 16.1 - 16.3 pdf
HW5 due
Homework: HW6

20 42 M 10/15 Lecture: Ch-6.2.1: Transmission through a layer: BCs, acoustic windows, matching layers pdf
Example problem: Effect of walls pptx
21 W 10/17 Lecture:Ch-6.2.2: Oblique incidence: BCs, Snell's law pptx
Example problem: critical angle, intromission angle.
22 F 10/19 Lecture: Ch-6.3.1: Reflection at a solid: Longitudinal and shear wave speeds pdf
Example problem: critical angles for propagation into solids.
HW6 due
Homework: HW7
23 43 M 10/22 Lecture: Ch-6.3.2: Thermoclines: Sound speed gradients.
Example: Ocean thermoclines pptx
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 15.4, Image model of room pdf
24 W 10/24 Lecture: Ch-7.1.1: Radiation and Reception of Acoustic Waves: Simple sources, superposition principle pdf
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 7
Example problem: Intensity, power, strength of a small sources.
25 F 10/26 Lecture: Ch-7.1.2: The continuous line source: the far field approximation, the sinc function, the spatial Fourier transform.
Example problem: Beam pattern in a continuous line source pptx
Typed Paper on Sound outline due
HW7 due
Homework: HW8
26 44 M 10/29 Lecture: Ch-7.2.1: Radiation from a plane circular piston: The near field approximations, Rayleigh distance pdf
Example: Near field axial pressure pptx
27 W 10/31 Lecture: Ch-7.2.2: The far field approximations, the jinc function.
28 F 11/2 Lecture: Ch-7.3.1: Beam patterns line source vs plane circular piston: Physical beam width. Radiation impedance pdf.
Example problem: Radiation impedance in air and water for a circular piston.
HW8 due
Homework: HW9
29 45 M 11/5 Lecture: Ch-7.3.2: Fundamental properties of transducers: Directional factor and beam pattern, directivity index (DI), etc.
Example problem: Directivity for a circular piston.
Part III: Linear Arrays, Acoustic Waveguides and Resonators
30 W 11/7 Lecture: Ch-7.4.1: The line array: the comb function, the far field approximation pdf.
Example problem: Radiation impedance in air and water for a circular piston.
31 F 11/9 Lecture: Ch-7.4.2: The grating lobes in a line array: Steering an array
Supplemental lecture 1): Fourier transforms as scalar products.
32 46 M 11/12 Lecture: Ch-9.1: Cavities and Waveguides: The rectangular cavity pdf
Eigenmodes of waveguides and cavities.
Supplemental lecture 2): Distinction between Fourier and Laplace Transforms.
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 9.1 - 9.2, 9.5; Lecture notes(pdf) Lec 11b (p. 91), 12a (p. 103)
33 W 11/14 Lecture: Ch-9.2: Waveguide of constant cross section, phase speed, group speed.
Review for Exam
HW9 due
Homework: HW10 (pdf);
Practice Exam II (pdf)

Exam II: 7-9:30 PM; 2015 ECEB]] Several copies of the book will be provided at the exam.

- F 11/16 No office hours; No class due to Exam II
- 47 - - Thanksgiving Holiday (11/17-11/25)

34 48 M 11/26 Lecture: Ch-10.1.1: Pipes, Resonators, and Filters: Motivation, resonance of pipes, closed pipes pdf
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 10
35 W 11/28 Lecture: Ch-10.1.2: Open-ended pipes, effective length of pipe, quality factor of a resonator.
Example problems: Flanged and unflanged open-ended pipes.
36 F 11/30 Lecture: Ch-10.1.3: Standing wave patterns, absorption of sound in pipes.
Example problem: Standing wave ratio.
HW10 due
Homework: HW11
37 49 M 12/3 Lecture: Ch-10.2.1: Combined driver-pipe system, Helmholtz resonator: resonance frequency in resonators pdf
38 W 12/5 Lecture: Ch-10.2.2: Acoustic impedance: resistance, inertance, compliance.
Example problems: Quality factor and resonance frequency in Helmholtz resonators.
39 F 12/7 Lecture: Ch-10.3: Reflection and transmission in pipes, Acoustic filters: types of filters pdf,
40 50 M 12/10 Lecture:Horns: Chapter 14a, Webster Horn equation: pdf
41 W 12/12 Lecture: Ch-14: Hearing: How the cochlea works: pdf
Ch-8: Absorption and Attenuation of Sound: complex wave number, acoustic scattering pdf
Read: Kinsler et al., Ch. 8.1 - 8.5
Typed Paper on Sound Final paper due
HW11 due

- R 12/13 Reading Day
- 51 M 12/14 7:00-10:00 p.m., Friday, Dec. 14 3015

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